Witcher 3 and making lets plays. Trying to enjoy games and make videos

Well i’m one of those people that plays all their games on the hardest difficulty, starting from the first time they get em. I’m currently making Let’s play videos of a Fallout 4 survival playthrough (No deaths so far.) But I have been having an urge to play witcher 3

One thing about witcher 3 is that it has long horse rides, and extensive conversations. I can theoretically cut the horse rides out, and only show the exciting parts. But what about the conversations? Would it be the perfect let’s play viewing experience. Or would watching someone pick dialogue options with live dialogue be obnoxious? Should I cut out the cinematics too, and only show the action?

I know that an uncut live commentary video would have long dull spots and that worries me. But I really want to show people that this game is totally beatable, even on the highest difficulty. And that by playing on the highest difficulty you get the most out of the game, in that it forces you to use all of the options to maximize and optimize your character. I never experience witcher 3 until I played it on the hardest difficulty.

Just like I thought fallout 4 was bloated until I played it on survival. After playing it on survival the whole game makes sense. All those random bethesda items that never had any use; they all get churned into resources through scrapping. All that random food that healed you; well you have to not starve. It even adds dynamics like filling water bottles with water!.

Sorry I got on a rant. Just having a battle between the video game escapism me. And the me that feels compelled to record and upload everything that I play. BTW the ideal situation would be just to stream it, but my peasant internet won’t allow me to upload a smooth stream. And i’m buying the highest tear of internet available for non-corporations in my area.

I think if you’re going to do just a survivalist type play-through, you may want to consider keeping in those moments when you maximise your build to accomplish that survival. For example what weapons, armour and supplies you run with, for particular encounters. Otherwise interesting post, thanks :slight_smile:

Huehuehue… You said uncut…
Anyways, don’t cut out anything. Fill the time. Explain to your viewers why do you choose the conversation option you choose. Show them all of that beautiful tight horse ass…

@psycho_666 @Sarandraith You both said things that come from a similar place. So I should definitely keep in at least some of the out of combat stuff. So now it’s a debate between keeping it uncut(hehe), and editing. And if I’m editing how much should I cut out. I feel like Witcher is cinematic enough that the cutscenes are watchable in a lets play format. I just don’t know how much I should be cutting out of the inbetweens. If I go uncut i’ll have to work hard to keep the commentary going and it will be mentally taxing while i’m playing. If I go with edited it’ll be work on the editing end, but I can slack off and enjoy the game more.

God I wish I could stream…

720p30 shouldn’t require much bandwidth at all…
Oh no, it’s not 4k 144Hz… Yeah…

Maybe I should try again.

But that is what I was trying to stream at.

Still miserable, and choppy.

I’m paying for 100down 30 up I believe…


Aside from that, you can just cut to interesting moments

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This is very relevant.

editing is soooooo hard! D:


I’ve watched a fair few playthroughs, so just some general advice if you’re interested.

For games like the Witcher 3, it’s always good to talk when nothing is happening (like some others have suggested). I’ve seen a few LP’ers who either talk or rush during dialogue/cutscenes and say nothing during long stretches of nothing haha. It’s either that, or they stop moving entirely to explain something which can also be annoying.

For those long stretches, you could also do some fade in’s of sweet backgrounds/horse riding to help make that a little more interesting.

Although there is no commentary, the editing is done really well if you want to check it out (or watch the whole thing like I did cause I love metal gear :smiley:)

What are you using to stream? Could be a hardware/software issue. 30 up should be more than enough

@DerKrieger OBS with a few different “suggested” streaming setting for people with slow internet.

Oh my PC? quad core 3.1 CPU, R9 290x GPU, 16gb DDR3, not sure what Mobo. It’s a Gigabyte ‘ultradurable 4 plus’ I think.

@kamakoda Thank you for the advice. Yes, i’m tempted to just cut out the horseriding / quiet parts, because I am bad about this for longer video chunks. Watching me do crafting / buying and selling could be a painful experience if I don’t talk, or cut it out xD

It would be good to know what your CPU is specifically but I think your CPU is the issue here.

CPU encoding is pretty intensive especially while playing games. Even the 7700K OCd struggles with it.

You may want to use some form of GPU encoding. Like ReLive

@DerKrieger Yeah. Upgrading to R7 1700 and a asrock b350 gaming mobo for christmas. I need more speed when editing. That might fix it.

BUT. I can record 60fps 1080p without even taking a hit to my speeds. It’s only choppy when I stream. And my game experience is fine. Just the stream is choppy. But I suppose that could still be CPU, maybe?