Wiring TypeA KeyStone Jack (endA) and RJ45 (endB)

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone knows off the top of their head about this. I’ve wired oodles of my own RJ-45 (male) cables, as well as keystone jacks (female) Cat5e|Cat6 over the years.

Today though I’m going to wire keystone jack on one end(A), and on the other end(B) a standard RJ-45 connector. (normally I would do keystone jacks on both ends, but in this rare circumstance I prefer the destination end having RJ-45 dangling ends, and of course in the rack keeping with keystone jacks for patch panel)

For Clarity:

  • End (A) - keystone jack: keystone_jack_cat6
  • End (B) - RJ-45 connector: rj45_connector

The RJ-45 end uses TypeA wiring.

What I’m wondering is if since I’m mixing RJ-45 and keystone jack ends, if I should wire the keystone jack IN REVERSE or not.

(i’ve seen a handfull of other forum posts with similar confusion/questions)

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Just tried wiring plain up TypeA and it worked. (No reversal required)

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you dont need to reverse and i would use the b standard of white orange/orange/white green/blue/white blue/green/white brown/brown as it is the actual standard. nothing wrong with a standard, its just not used and you might run into a issue. when you run a cable you need a on both ends or b on both ends, if you mix you WILL have problems.

agreed, cannot mix standards of course on either end :slight_smile: