Wireless XBOne controller adapter for Windows 10 will supposedly cost $25 ($80 with controller)

Just saw this on Windowscentral.com and reading the comments blew my mind. How are so many people so enthusiastic about paying $25 for an adapter or $80 for a controller+adapter? You can almost get 3 (or at least 2, depending on the price) wireless X360 controllers for that price.

No point of getting it over a wired 360 controller, as long as they don't discontinue it.

In some ways it doesn't bother me, cause my Xbox 360 remote that I've previously salvaged when i quit Xbox 360 for PC is starting to break down. but the price isn't a steep as it may appear to be. Xbox 360 controllers WERE $60 bucks during the early launch of the Xbox 360 console. and they were for almost the whole life-cycle of the console. and the Adapter when released were $20 plus tax. which is roughly 25 bucks. so it's almost the exact same price as the 360 Controller plus Wireless Adapter. I got to try the new XBONE controller and it's not so bad. but before anyone should go out and pick up this, i would probably want to try out the Steam Controller before i pick this up. for all we know it could be a much better game-pad. despite it's aesthetics.

That's the point, you can even get 2 (or 3, depending if you can get it cheaper somewhere) wireless X360 controllers for the price of 1 XBOne controller + adapter.

@Kat Really? They were that expensive at launch? That honestly surprises me....didn't have them that expensive in my memory. But yeah, the adapter was pretty pricey when it came out but I remember that there were already bundles at that time with an X360 controller for 45€ max (sure, some places sold them for more but 45€ was the more common price). To bad I don't have the receipt anymore from when I bought my "Wireless X360 controller for Windows" but I sure didn't pay more than 45€ for it (needed one but I've always been cheapskate :-P ). The prices for console peripherals are insane to begin with.

yeah, they were really expensive, at least to my memory. i remember getting frustrated about choosing an Xbox game over a Controller when my controller broke once.

in a way the thing i find pretty weird now, is that the current adapter isn't a wired and long cable. it's just a dongle. they should of done that years ago. i have a Silverstone FT03 and the wires are so long i have trouble closing the top cover for the case. if you've ever seen the case btw there is a top cover that covers the I.O. like i mentioned i definitely want to try out the steam controller before i check this out. it could be better. but i can't make that judgment till i try it.

I initially bought an X360 controller with adapter because the competition was either expensive and of bad quality or cheap and of bad of bad quality. Used the one from my X360 Elite ever since the other one broke (a few years back now). I miss the times when Logitech made good controllers (they had 2 for the PS2 back in the day, one normal, the other one "premium" with comfy fake-leather on the side and gold-plated connectors, they sold for 25€ and 30€ and were almost indestructible). The ones they now have for PC have some issues iirc. Plus, games like Guacamelee at least only show the X360 controller in the control settings (quite established as a standard).

Regarding the size of the new adapter...I sure hope it comes with an extender cable, otherwise it will block other USB ports. The size is ridiculous, since there are USB flash drives, wireless and Bluetooth dongles where the connector is bigger than the part that sticks out when plugged in.

Hm...that sucks. I have mine plugged into my monitor (waste of a USB 3.0 port but when I plug it intoa USB 2.0 port and let it sit unter my desk the connection breaks off too often - not sure if the 4cm wood plate is too much or if my controller is just picky/trying to tell me that it's dying).
Too lazy too look it up, but how does the Steam controller connect to the PC?

as far as i'm aware the Steam controller will probably run bluetooth. but i could be wrong.

Just looked it up on the Steam page but it only says "USB wireless pairing dongle" as part of the contents of the box.

That's sucks. hopefully it's a small dongle and not a wired monstrosity like the old Xbox 360 adapter.

Since it says "wireless" I suppose it will be one of those that are very common with wireless mice. But I don't understand why MS went the "proprietary standard" again (other than creating as many opportunities to milk their customers).

I buy PS3 controllers for £2, Bluetooth is so much better than dongles and such.

I really wish Microsoft went for the Bluetooth standard and not the damn Wifi Direct.
Although doesn't really matter as I can just purchase a longer USB cable.

The steam controller I am fairly certain from the description will be something like Logitech unifying controller, i.e. a tiny usb thing you stick in that just works, remember, the steam controller will work on linux mac and windows so there not going to cripple it.

Why would anyone buy a $25 adapter.. i have an xbox controller, but i imagine if a particular new controller is quite good ill never pick up the xbox one again.

Same with me, but I'm just not sure how the digipad will be like. The X360 digipad is pretty squishy and not accurate enough for sidescrollers (like Metroidvania games).

I would root for bluetooth, it seems superior to this other wireless connection (more paired devices, sometimes it doesn't even occupy an external USB port, universal).

Well Ps3 or Ps4 controllers work with regular Bluetooth or just USB cables and are better quality anyway. Steam controller is 50 so there is that too. And a wired 360 pad will be cheap and nice to hold as it does not thave the growth for batteries.

In short get a controller that is not some horrible proprietary mess of adapters and battery boxes.

Problem? Fool will buy into anything. Get what you think is best. There are many better options.

Could you give me some examples? Every controller for PC I looked at was either cheap and flawed or an X360 controller. Logitech seems to have problems with their shoulder buttons and almost all controllers have digipads that just won't do. And then there's that overpriced Razer thing.

The mentioned Ps3 pS4 and steam controllers. Immediatly.

Do they need some tinkering or do they get recognized as a 360 controller in games?

Yes and no. They don't need tinkering but you do have to install the drivers and it will be recognised at a 360 controller for 360 games and direct input for everything else.

The drivers are the SCP DS3/ DS4 drivers over of PCSX2 forum. The guy developed them himself to solve this problem. They work great. been using my.Ps3 controller since I got my.PC.

Thanks! I'll give this a try with my PS3 controller.