Wireless with pfsense question

Hey all, buying a PC for a pfSense DIY router.

How does getting wireless working, work? The PC won't have built in wifi, and it only has one PCI-E slot left which I'll need for a ethernet nic card.

I feel stupid here, how would getting wifi for phones, laptops etc work?

Wireless on pfSense is really bad so most people just wire an access point to one of the NICs. I use this one with mine:

But if you already have a wireless router either enable access point mode (if it has it) or disable DHCP.

So, you have 2 ethernet NICs, one for WAN and one for LAN ?

You'll just put the LAN to a switch, hook up an access point or an old router (with DHCP disabled), setup the wireless on the router and off you go.

I'll have 3 ethernet ports total with the card. The ethernet port already there in the PC, and I'll be getting a 2 port card.

I have a Netgear R6300 which I am using as my whole router, so I suppose I could use that.

most likely pfsense uses something like hostapd to make a access point, and it's horribly unstable.

You should be able to disable DHCP on it and wire it to one of the NICs and it should essentially work as a wireless switch that is using pfSense as the DHCP server.

Also found this on the netgear forums about people using the R6300 as an access point which may be helpful to you.

Oh sweet, thanks man!

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I think he does not plan to put in a wireless PCIe card or something like that.


Okay, no problem then :)

ubiquiti networks is the way to go unless money is an issue.

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