Wireless Router?

I'm in the market for a wireless router, anyone know of a good one preferably around the $20 price point? Also what are the best brands to buy wireless routers from? Finally fixed my old iPod and have no way of connecting to the internet since I have a wired modem.

get this and flash it with ddwrt and it will be really good I use a n360 with ddwrt and it works great.


type e900 to find the firmware


I'm rather curious as to why that DD-WRT firmware is better than the one cisco provides in the box? Just want a user's perspective on it. Never really tried it myself but I have seen around here and have only skimmed it. But now I am quite curious.

EDIT: Also, how does it compare to what Logan and Wendell suggested - pfSense? Is it even the same level. By that is pfSense like a wireless router firmware too? Sorry, I'm a networking noob.

dd-wrt is an enhanced firmware over cisco's basic home firmware. with greater level of control and more tools to help monitor and secure your connection. pf sense is more of a router operating system. it has far more options plugins scripts firewalls and so on. pf sense is best used with a custom built router be it an old laptop with added network card or an old desktop with added network cards. or even a raspberry pi with network cards.  so in short dd-wrt is for premade routers and pf sense is for custom.

it just has more options and in my experience has a more reliable connection then stock firmware.  A router with dd wrt cannot compete with pfsense as that is a whole computer and has more options not to mention that its more powerful to handle more network traffic because its a computer but they both have there ups and downs computers are larger require more power router is smaller less power but you pay for it in lack raw performance and customization 

Surprisingly when I worked for Rogers Communications the number one consumer router (other than the SMC wireless N gateway. The older g model worked great) that crapped the bed was Linksys. But I think people were buying the el cheapo model.

Thanks for replying. I always wanted to make my own router since I saw the crew's video on it. But I don't have an old computer to work with and any money to buy an ALIX system boards.

I would make a router out of an old computer using pf sense. Logan and quain made an awesome video about that.

That's the same video I was referring to. Sorry! My post was a bit confusing. Should have just posted Logan and Quain's video instead of "the crew."