Wireless on a shooting range!

Some history about my problem. 

I'm at my usual shooting spot and it's quite far to the target, between 200 and 600 meters (656 ft and 1968 ft). I feel like I get a pretty good group on the target but I can't be bothered to walk all the way down to the target and up again (this gets really boring after a while). Now to my idea...

Once when I was walking, I had the idea of a wireless system with a camera at the target that is able too give me a live feed all the way to the other side of the shooting range. 


Now I need the power of Teksyndicate to help me find the correct router and camera to do this! Everything will have to be battery powered and portable and fit in one small package. If we get all the parts right I promise to make a build update about the project when it's done!

This may work 

Portable WiFi router



WiFi camera


there are tons of usb battery packs that should work


I would invest in a telescope or a camera with a telephoto lens ... If your like me ull just end up shooting the camera to see if you can see the bullet going through it.

Second, if your not on a range .. and shooting at metal plate or rock in the distance it helps if you bring a bright neon color spray paint and paint the spot before you start shooting. Its allot easier to see the holes and nicks.

I don't believe any of these will work. The camera needs an on board battery mostly so I don't need to buy two battery packs and it will be a lot easier to set up. The portable router won't be able to cover the distance. I think a normal router would be better, I would have too hook it up to a battery but that can't be hard....

The telescope is just too low tech. I tried the camera on a telescope thing.. didn't really work out all that well, Way to much work in that set up. Metal plates are fine if you are looking for a good time but i prefer paper targets so I can see my progress and count the points. 


Thanks for the answers by the way! I do really appreciate them!  

If you are going with a full sized router then go with an Asus but you battery is going to be rather large. You could rock point to point radio network normally you will only get 100mbs off that.

Well, you could always wire a cheap wireless router/access point into 1 of these:


And wire another one down range into a Raspberry Pi:


and pair it with the camera module:


find some battery packs and/or power inverters to power it all, connect your phone to the wireless and use something like RaspiCam:


to control the Pi camera, and bobs your uncle.

Little convoluted, but should work.  Probably lol.


This! The Ubiquiti is just what i was looking for! 


I'm not going to use a Raspberry for this, mostly because they are all in use and I think I have a chrome book somewhere that I can run Linux on. Or I could just buy another Pi... yea, I'll just buy another Raspberry!


Thanks! Stuff will be ordered and fiddled with! 

Glad I could help : )  Ubiquiti makes awesome equipment for their purpose.

I dont know if the Loco will be strong enough for a video stream nearly 2000 feet away, but you are on the right track. Please let us know if it works that far!

i would vote this as well ubiquiti is a great product for the money plus you can consider solar and an OSP box to house a mini pc like the pi or minipc pico etc nad use a higher res camera. i do think you may need more than one ap for that distance i would say 2-4 units. wifi is always experimental but like others said your on the track check the Airmax product line as well as the unifi with some amplification. It really may make sense to have a mini pc at the target location running on solar if no power is available with some marine batteries (dont shoot them though hehe) *OSP = OutSide Plant or weather box

I'm currently looking at the Loco M2 or the Loco M5. The Loco M2 might do the trick. I'm just wondering if I really need two or one will be enough.

For power I'm thinking of using car batteries, I have a couple of them just standing in a corner so might as well put them to use. 

The M2 should do it, I've seen them work perfectly fine around that distance, but you'll likely need one at each end like I said above.  You can try it with one first, but I doubt you'll get a reliable connection.  Worth a shot though I suppose.

Yea. I'll try with one first and see if it works. Might even work with a DSLR that then is connected to a laptop/tablet via the WiFi.