Wireless Network Help

Hi Guys,

Love your shows. Keep up the good work. I am looking for a solution for a friend. He is wanting to reduce his cable bill. He currently has 4 cable modems and 4 access points with 2 repeaters to provide internet throught his 28,000 home and guest house. I am looking for a systems that is reliabled and not uber pricey like Cisco system. I Have suggested to Cat 5 cables though his house for adding access points. He is open to doing so. So I was wondering if you knew of a good networking system with good range on access points?

Well, if you want the best of the best, get about 3-4 of these (depending if you can put them in stragitic locations).  These can be put in repeater modes so you can use just 1 cable modem, 1 router, and 2-3 repeaters.

28,000 home?  Square feet?  He is worried pricey?  If he has a 28,000 sq ft home he needs to hire a WiFi guy to come out and survey and design him a network.

Yes it is 28,000 Sq Ft. sorry for the details. Have you guys heard of anything about Ubiquiti UAP Unifi access points?