Wireless Mice

Hello all!

So, I've had various mice over the years... As we all have, of course.

I started off with a small Logitech cheap mouse that came with my first laptop, and that was fine before I started doing any proper gaming. I later moved on to the Logitech Performance Mouse MX, which is still one of my favourite mice. The MX suited me well with the few extra re-mappable buttons & wirelessness. I later moved on to the Logitech G700 (which had way too many buttons), and gave up on it when it decided to stop working.

I went back to the MX for a while, then decided to get a Mionix Naos 5000 (the 8200 wasn't available in the UK at the time that I got the mouse). I love this mouse - it's one that I'm still trying to use today, and that this post is really about. 

My problem is this: I spend half the week at my mum's house, where there is little room and I use my gaming laptop all the time. A wireless mouse would be ideal here - cables always get in the way. (Plus we have cats, who are never useful when it comes to cables.) I spend the other half of the week at my dad's house, where I can happily sit at my desk and use my PC without worrying about cables on my lap etc.

As I spend time moving between houses halfway through the week, obviously some of my gear gets a bit tired and worn. This is definitely so with both my MX and my Naos 5000. The MX looks beat-up, but really is fine, but the Naos is having issues. The wire is damaged at some point, which causes it to cut out randomly (well, when the cable is moved). So, I've gone back to using my MX.

Now, take a quick look at the Naos 5000 and the MX on Google and just compare the shapes of the mice to each other. The MX is a more round-shaped mouse with no support for the ring and little fingers, while the Naos sticks out further to the right, giving support to the ring and little fingers. Also, the Naos is more slanted at the back, while as I said before, the MX is rounded. Using the Naos meant that my hand got to rest on the mouse more, which is how I'm now used to using mice. Because of the shape of the MX, my hand can't rest anywhere, which leads to uncomfortability. (I'm sure that isn't a word...)

My question: Is there a wireless mouse that has the same sort of shape as the Naos? Larger than your normal wireless mouse maybe, but if not larger, flatter/smoother shaped in some way.


The Naos 5000 looks very similar to the g700. When I saw your post in the unanswered section I was actually going to arrive, hoping to save the day by suggesting the g700 as I've owned one for over two years and it's still going strong. I love this mouse, and I don't use hardly any of the buttons in any one game. For some games I use one or two extra buttons, for some none, and for I use a different one or two buttons; I'm no mmo gamer. They've just released a never version of the g700 with a huge dpi bump (like it really needed one -_-), and supposedly better build quality. Since you've already had a bad experience with it I don't really want to recommend it, but god damnit this mouse is awesome.

Yeah, the G700 is a great mouse... And to be honest, I never used most of the buttons either. I did really like it, but for an unknown reason some of the buttons (including left and right mouse clicks) just stopped working.