Wireless keyboard with per program macros and adjustments?

i made a computer for my sister and she works a lot with cad files so i gave her one of my keyboards, a steelseries M800 she can assign a lot of complex macros to the keys to make her work easier, but the problem is that it is a wired keyboard, she is currently using her tv as monitor and she sits in her bed to use the computer which makes a wired keyboard not that convenient but if she uses a wireless one she will lose the possibility of the macros. Is there a wireless keyboard or software that can do that? i don't think she will care about the lights or the keys, she just need the macros and there are some workarounds but shes not really into computers so if i take away the nice and easy to understand software she will probably get lost

thanks in advance

You can make macros in windows without a keyboard that has macro keys


if you still need a good wireless keyboard these are great

plenty of options out there

@vandal85 has got it right here. AutoHotKey is crazy powerful.

Of course if you wanted to go crazy you could get a HHKB wireless board and one of Hasu's replacement keyboard controllers for layers and macros but that is talking about 300 just for the board.

thanks guys im taking a look at autohotkey to see if it will suit my sister needs and if she will understand it, i hope it does