Wireless Internet keeps droping

Hey yall, dont know if this is the right section but im gonna write it anyways :) . So for the past week i have been having internet droping throughout my house on all of my devices. Fist thought the router wireless box might be overheating so i gave them more ventilation and a fan and that hasnt helped. when the internet "drops" it says No internet acess but i can still see the network. Im using windows 7 and the wirelss bars (quick start icon) has the caution sign next to it. 

I have cable internet and a seperate router and wifi box. Its been working perfect up till now and its makin me mad. Any ideas are welcome. If I forgot something that is crucial to the problems solution feel free to tell me, its late and im tired.

It is probably just because you're running wireless internet. I would recommend an ethernet cable over wireless in 100% of cases; just run a Cat6 cable to your PC from the router.

I fully understand that ethernet is supiorer to wireless, but as i stated these problems have just started within the past week. 


Note i have confirmed this is happening over ethernet to, not just wirelss.