Wireless Internet Adapter, I Need Help!

I am in dire need of some help. I recently moved from somewhere that I had the router and modem set up in my room, and I had my internet running by LAN to my PC straight from the router. I moved into a new home, and I am in a situatuion where the modem and router will not be in the same room as my PC, I am in need of a wireless internet adapter.

The modem is currently in our living room, and my dad plans on drilling a hole through the floor, and setting up our AirPort Extreme in our basement (where my room with my PC is at) and I am not going to be close enough to use a wired connection to it. I may be able to do a wire connection, but I don't want to go through all the trouble of wiring it 30 meters, give or take a few, from the basement den, to my bedroom.

I am currently deciding on what kind of wireless adapter to get, I have the room in my PC for a PCI or PCI Excpress Intsernet Adapter, or a USB adapter. I have no idea which to get, and don't even know where to begin to choose which one I'll get.

I talked with one of my friends and he currently, and has had for the past year, has this adapter, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833315096 , in his system and it has worked well for him. I don't know if this would be good or bad in my situatuion, and that is why I have turned to the TekSyndicate community. I'm not looking to spend anywhere north of $40, as I have other things I need to fix in my PC, and new stuff to buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



I finally decided on a wireless reciever, I picked up the Intel Centrio Advanced N6205 from Amazon for $34.

Link Below




Any advice on how to set it up would be nice, my PC specs are on my profile.

Is the router in a place you cannot access, such as a locked storage closet? If not you can easily run cat6 or cat5e cable anywhere in the house through walls, heating ducts, and conduits so it shouldn't be hard to get a 50 or so ft cable from the router to your pc. My router is in the basement and my pc is in my room on the floor above it, I run 2 cat6 cables up to it and it works fine. I strongly recomend going through the trouble of wiring it up because you can experience slow wireless speeds of up to 1/10th of what you pay for. It isn't worth it. If you have made your mind up about going wireless, make sure you get an adapter that is AC compatible as it will allow for gigabit transfer speeds. Also which generation of Airport Extreme do you use? the latest version supports AC wifi.

Hmm, I did already order the wireless adapter but I am still willing to try this, not sure about the generation of the Airport Extreme, my dad will get back from work on Sunday so I'll ask him about this cat6 or cat5e cable. Thanks for the suggestion!

Wired is much better ... I had to crawl under my house to run Cat6 to every room with PCs .. but it was worth it. I just use wireless for phones & tablets.