Wireless Headset - Best - For Linux

I have previously owned a Logitech wireless headset.

It was similar to this model: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-G533-Wireless-Gaming-Headset/dp/B01MXE0FKC/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=wireless+headset&qid=1551322592&s=gateway&sr=8-5

I was very disappointed with the build quality. I would like higher build quality, specifically around whatever the pivot mechanism is for the ear pieces (usually these are plastic bullshit - even if they have metal casing/decoration).

I am not dead-set on the Logitech brand. I am only using it as a reference.

The wireless makes it really hard. Is it really a requirement or could a 2 meter (6ft) extension work arround that? Then you could get something like the Beyerdynamic Custom Game (really nice headphone with connectable good quality mic) and be done.

Could take something like the Sennheiser RS 165 and add a wireless mic of sorts.

Not sure how well bluetooth works on Linux, but the Sennheiser Urbanite Wireless could work.

Wich price range and budget are we talking or is this just out of interest?

This is what I have and it works gud:

Build quality is acceptable. But it’s still all plastic pivots.
Headband isn’t uncomfortable
Comes with a cable that lets you use it with a mixed 3.5 jack (like on your phone) instead of wireless.
The retractable microphone is great for when you just want to use it as headphones.
The battery lasts quite awhile in comparison to my previous headset. (I probably charge it once a week)

I also use this (The 2019 version, not the 2018 linked in this post) and am fairly happy with it. I did have to create a one line script to have it switch from the mono (game chat) output to the stereo (normal audio) when the computer boots (Kubuntu 18.10).

Read more here.

you only have to do this if your distro doesnt have the pulse profile for the headset written correctly.

Looking for zero config. Am I capable of this? Yes. Do I want to do it? No. I’m lazy. My current distro is basically Kubuntu.

You’re on your own then. The only other wireless headset I’ve had (Corsair Vengeance 2100) was pretty bad.
The mic quality was poor
the headband was uncomfortable
the build quality was atrocious.

The coating on the fabric for the headstrap started flaking everywhere.
The mechanism that held the microphone up wore down, and now the microphone wont stay in the mute position
the usb port for charging only works if you hold it perfectly
and the battery lasts for only a day.

I agree. Everything else seemed to be so much worse as far as sound/mic/build quality that I’m happy to re-create the one line file whenever I end up re-installing my OS.

What’s the difference out of curiosity

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As far as I could tell? The aesthetics look a little different. I think the internals are the same.

It gives you a dial to balance audio between voice chat and system audio (which is why the headset presents itself to the system as two audio devices) but I think both models handle it the same way.

Someone else has said:

Yup - 2019’s headband is similar to the Arctis Pro headband, the cushions are thicker than legacy/original, and the soundscape is slightly updated (mainly due to the cushion thickness).

I liked the headset enough that I ended up picking one up for my wife and brother in law as well after I got mine.

if you wanna stick with gamer garbage I can only recommend razer kraken 7.1’s, the 2017/18 non pro non tournament rgb ones, mine are gun metal grey.

Theres the man o’ war but I think its all plastic shit.

Otherwise buy studio monitors for headphones like me.

I HIGHLY recommend the Plantronics RIG 800 series headphones. I love them so much I have two pairs (one for PC/PS4 and one for PC/Xbox). I know Plantronics isn’t a cool mainstream gaming brand, and they look kinda weird, but these are the best gaming headphones I’ve ever used.

The earcups have a similar feel to the Steelseries headphones. They breathe really well for closed-back headphones and they don’t attract hairs or dust like the fuzzy cloth earpads will.

They have a suspension band design and they are super light. Put those two together and you have basically no pressure on the top of your head.

Clamping force is just about right for my head. I wear glasses and they don’t bug me.

I thought the ear cup adjustments were kinda gimicky before I bought them, but it actually works out really well. You set it to a general height you need, and then all the fine tuning is done automatically with the headband. You never need to adjust your earcups because they can’t really get knocked out of place.

Adding to the earcup, but a different point. Another plus to this design is that there are no creaky cheap plastic joints that a lot of gaming headsets suffer from. They do allow some slight movement of the earcups so that they can conform to the shape of your head better, but the material is such that they don’t really make any noise.

These are plug-and-play with PC. You don’t need to download any drivers for them. All of the controls are on the headset, including master volume, voice/in-game audio mix, and equalizer presets. Mic mutes automatically by swinging it to the up position.

The battery life is great too, since there isn’t any fancy lighting on them. I can usually go several days without needing to recharge.

Sound quality is awesome for wireless gaming headphones. Mic quality is relatively good but not the best. If you’re looking to stream, buy a dedicated mic. If you’re just gaming, these are perfectly fine.

The only complaint I have about them is the chat/in-game audio mixer doesn’t work super well. The Astro Mixamp Pro works much better in that aspect (and works in Linux), but then you lose the wireless functionality too, and Astro is super expensive.

P.S. - When I say PC, I mean Personal Computer, not Windows. The HS model I have verified works in Linux (Solus and Fedora, but should work in any mainstream distro).

For PC & PS4 - black/blue (these are the ones I’ve personally used with Linux)

For PC & Xbox One - plain black (should work, but I haven’t verified)

Just PC - black/gold (should work, but I haven’t verified)

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Solid recommendation. Very likely picking one of these up. :slight_smile:

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