Wireless Driver Install Issue?

I'm very confused right now. I could say that I am using windows seven right now, but for shits and giggles I am fiddling with XP 64 bit on my gaming laptop. ANd don't ask why, thats a foolish question. Fun is fun so nyeh. Anyways I have a broadcom BCM94321 wireless chip in my laptop and I am trying to get the drivers installed. Now I only recently got this 64 bit version of XP, like I got it yesterday at goodwill (4 DOLLARS, I ALMOST DIED OF EXCITEMENT). In 32 bit XP the drivers worked fine and according to the driver page they should work on 32 and 64 bit XP.

Now if you know my laptop (An asus ROG G50VT-X5) you'll know it can be hackintosh'd. If you know this wireless card you'll know that apple is basically the only company that uses it (though it was possibly in the lenovo A70z workstation) and in order for networking to work in OSX I need an OSX compliant chip. Had one spare, threw it in. Now I had it working in 32 bit but when I go to install drivers it just kinda skips through, doesn't work after installing, doesn't want a reboot, and device manager still bitches about it. It basically just copies a bunch of crap to C:\SWTOOLS. Is there an actual driver.... thing? Folder I guess? I'm the most basic windows user you'll ever see. I like XP for plug and play. Kernal modules? I got that shit on lock. DLL files? Huh?

Soooo..... Please don't yell at me Eden? :P

I also have not looked on an OSX disc for the driver...... That might be a plan >.>

Bump now that the AMD thing is over.

Screw it nvm I'll go back to 32 bit I can't even get a 64 bit audio driver. 64 bit XP is SUPER unfinished holy crap.

Are you dual booting with OSX? If not then I'd just throw in another wifi card I know to have working windows XP 64bit drivers. But the sound might be another matter altogether.

Yeah I need OSX on the machine for when I go back to school.


?? :P What?

...then you can't change the wifi card. All out of easy solutions, so - damn! :) Wrong usage of that word? English is my second language.

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No I just wasn't sure what you meant. This is just a project but I'd like to get this working. I'll keep trying and post what I find if anyone cares or needs it. Though I doubt they will lol

If everybody thought this way open source would be in a dire place. Go ahead and document it man :)