Wireless Data mining

Hi Guys,

I have seen this device on the TV show Covert Affairs and on Prison Break where it wirelessly collects data on any device with flash memory within a certain device of the device. I was wondering if the device could possibly exist and/or  the name.


Do you mean the device that captures the device within the device? (with flash memory of course)

Its theoretically possible, yeah. It sounds like the initial device will hack into the victim device and just download the files off of said flash drive. A simple and straight forward concept: In, out, done. Quicker than a one night stand.

Putting it into practice is another story and will probably put you back a hefty buck. Not to mention that this initial device will need to know information on the victim device. Either you'll need to be on the same LAN network at LEAST, have incredible social engineering skills, or manage to get access to the device. By that time, you'll probably be able just to swipe the flash drive when no one's looking.

Does this magical black box exist? Not in the way I think you're thinking of. Does IT exist at all? Yes. What are they called? They are called Hackers. Flesh beats plastic.

I cant speak for the one on prison break, but the one in covert affairs was a device that could read and copy the data on a external hard drive by simply being within a close proximity.  The drive it was reading was in a safe or cabinet and she set the cloning device on top of the cabinet, and it copied the data off the drive inside it. Not sure if it's a reality or not, but just clarifying what it actually did.



i saw it in a movie once.

I read this in an article describing how big companies and the government data mine, and this one of there most interesting devices that caught my eye. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_mobile_subscriber_identity

An IMSI : International Mobile Subscriber Identity