Wireguard if PFSNESE not respecting WAN gateway group priority

I have a problem with Wireguard that I can’t seem to resolve

I have 2 WAN connects, one AT&T Fiber which is 1000/1000, and one that is 5G through Verzion which gets me around 300/30

The AT&T Fiber is the primary connection and in general everything works great. Nothing goes over the 5G connection unless I make a firewall rule to tell it to do so

But, I’ve noted that my Wireguard tunnels are not behaving correctly. I have one to my VPS and one to Mullvad, and sometimes I will log in and notice the latency is higher than usual, and for some reason both tunnels are going over the 5G WAN for some reason, despite the other connection being up and marked as the default gateway

Any ideas how I can get them to behave?

Secondary question, if I want to do policy based routing for the actual wireguard tunnel, where do I make that rule? Does it come out of the LAN interface?

Found this for the gateway problem

Still have not messed with testing how to control outbound wireguard connections via firewall