Wird dpc problem and sound crackling

hello every body. i kind of lost here, my pc make no sens. OK soo i have a amd 8350 on a gigabyte 990fxa ud5 ver 3 with g.skill pc3-12800. now i have set everything as it should in the bios and its kind of weird, so the weird thing is that i have a high dpc with sound problems and nothing help accept if i change the bus speed to 210 thru the easy tune software  but if ill restart or try to set the bus thru the bios the dpc is still high and i have problems with the sound. only if the bus is set to 200 in bios and than i change it thru the software to 210 all the problems go away, it even stay stable for days but after a restart the problems repeat( the bus is still on 210 in software but dpc is in the reds) BTW my CPU is 23c at idle and 37c at lode and i got a new sesonic  gold psu because i thought i had power problems and it changed nothing  , so,,,, any idea?




CPU latency.  you can check it with  dpclat. it measure how long it take for your CPU to run thru a task and become free for a new task . if its high then you will have sound problems and the mouse courser can lag 

update: i have installed  AMD Catalyst and since that my dpc is stake on 1000 min. uninstalling Catalyst and using system restore didn't help i cant replicate the results i described before (it worked for a week for more than 8 restarts, and when the dpc drooped there were no sound problems). my mobo is a 2 weeks old and i replaced my old mobo(Asus SABERTOOTH) cause i thought he was the problem (the cpu and memory are the same in both) the new mobo is a bit better and faster but i still have all kinds of different sound problems(krakelink hang outs and coppy while seem to run faster) my sound card is a rme baby face and its working fine on my laptop. i dont know why it happens, could it be my cpu? in both mobos the pc run perfect when in game (gta 4 need 4 speed rivals) but when listening to music or playing my drum machine i get sound problems. please halp..... and sorry for the mess ;-)         

i got a similar problem with my board.

if you do a DPC latency test,  disable you realtek lan controller, big chance you dont have high latency´s anymore.

I got the same problem, the dpc latency tester, i checked my sound latency, i play a song in winamp and after 2 minutes i got an error, the log file of dpc tester, told me that is was probably cost by the realtek lan chip. So i disabled the realtek lanchip in device manager, and dit the test again, for 15 minutes wit no errors at all. no latency peaks over 1000 anymore, But as soon as i enabled the lan chip again, bang, error.

Since your Sabertooth and Gigabyte both use the same realtek lan chip, its most likely caused by that.

What you could try, if you have a pci-e lan card laying arround (not from Realtek) to install that one. And look if you still have those issues.

I also tried everything to solve it, i tried diffrent drivers, bios updates, reinstalls everything nothing seems to solve this. I only did not tried a diffrent nic, because i dont have one laying arround.

You could also try to disable "all sound effects" on your playback devices, for some people this solve the problem with high cpu ussage audiodg.exe. But in my case this is not a good solution, cause wenn i disable it, the sounds in my online flash and java games does not work anymore.

I think that i´m going to replace my mobo aswell, but the with the Asus crosshair V Formula Z or Asrock Extreme 9, cause these boards have an intel lanchip. But this still does not guarantee me anything.

It seems like an Windows 7 issue in the first place.

I feel your pain lol, cause im getting sick and tired of it. Before im going to replace my motherboard, i will install windows 8.1 on a diffrent hard drive, just to look if thats maybe the issue.

Read this topic about it, there are more people with the same missery in Windows 7.


Grtz Angel ☺

hi MisteryAngel and thanks for the replay. tried to disable the LAN with no effect. also, what software do you use to monitor the dpc? i use dpc latency checker v1.3.0 and i have no log about the problems or other way to see what happens just dpc level..... so far for me the gigabyte mobo is far better then the asus one (mostly sata configs that the gigabyte one have more options but it also noticeably faster so if you thinking of changing your mobo a gigabyte one might be better. i had a ton of problems with them the last 3 years and all the gigabyte mobos i bought recently (i build alot of pc for friends and family)  hope you'll find afix to your problem

grtz tsope

i used latency monitor.


On the download page, you find a free home version.