WinXP to LXLE Linux

So, I've decided that it would be wise to upgrade my grandma's computer from Windows XP to LXLE Linux (since I read that it can be set-up in a very similar manner to WinXP).


She does banking and stuff like that on the computer in question, so I thought it would be best to upgrade.

Which brings me to another question, LXLE is based on Ubuntu so it should get the same security patches that Ubuntu gets, right?


My biggest concern is that her printer may not work correctly under LXLE Linux?

Here is the printer in question:



Getting the printer setup via network is pretty easy via CUPD bit the networked scanner is going to be harder and is easier to do via USB.

Thanks for your reply! But forgive me for my ignorance, what do you mean by CUPD?

He mistyped CUPS, it's a built-in print server that comes with every Ubuntu distribution and lets you set up network printers and scanners. You can access it when typing "localhost:631" in your browser for the host machine, or if you're on a client - 192.168.1.XXX:631 or whatever the host's IP is on the network.

HP printers are actually very well supported you don't need to worry about cups its already installed or networked printers.. Not sure why that was mentioned seems that's a USB printer.

You should install hplip which is hps printer drivers/software. You shouldn't need to do anything else.