Wintersun's "Time" update

They updated their site with somewhat bad news :S seems like the album is delayed again :\

I say they should take their time and release Wintersun's quality material so no rushing please!

Direct from their website:

" 27.02.2009

All Wintersun shows cancelled

There has come again unexpected problems with technology, which will make finishing the "Time" album even more harder than it has been. Which will delay it even more. There´s also some personal problems concerning my apartment.

Because of all the problems, I have fallen under a serious amounts of stress, which is sometimes causing me "writer´s blocks". This album making is now turned into such a "risky business", that I have no choise, but to cancel Summerbreeze and Bloodstock.

The thing is, the album has to be done first, before we can play any shows. Playing just old songs after many years isn´t something we want to do and what probably no one wants to see.

After the album has been mixed, I need to mix again a "backuptrack livemix" (of the synths&orchestrations). Then we have to of course practise the new songs and arrange them into "live format" (especially mine and Teemu´s guitar parts). We also need to update our humble live gear.

All these arrangements take time, so we don´t want to risk it, that we might have to cancel the shows last minute. It must be done now and put finishing the album the number one priority. After the album is done, we will start booking shows again.

I know there´s lots of disappointed people and I have to apologize. But I hope that you´ll understand my decision under these circumstances. I have to put the album first and finish it before we play any shows. Thanks for listening!

Jari "


I hope we will see the album in 2009 at least tho!

\m/ wintersun

For those who doesn't know them (you guys should be ashamed)

Being as technical as they are and yet still being so precise, I'm glad they're waiting.

You cant rush perfection my friend :]

HaruhiOtaku wrote 29 minutes ago »

Being as technical as they are and yet still being so precise, I'm glad they're waiting.

You cant rush perfection my friend :]


Wintersun is one of my favorit band. It's level of epicness is over 9000.

this makes me really sad... almost emo sad!!!

these dudes have been having a really hard time with this release... sucks...

i am worried because I was wanting them to make all that $$ from the tour this year... I hope they don't run out of money, get frustrated, and split...

I haven't read any good news from them in a while.


Yeah same here man, I hope Jari doesn't get to stressed and go in state of depression. I doubt he will drop the project tho, it has gotten to big and he already put to much into it.