Wins7/ryzen 1700x

i have a 1700x but i also have a win 7 and windows 10 License what am i losing/gaining between each... i wanna know the best os to use for my new pc build in july

Well basically Micro soft says that it won't be giving you any update(Including security ones) If you use windows 7/8 with any Ryzen or Kabylake chips. So that would be the main thing. So really from a security stand point you are going to need to be on either windows 10 or Linux.

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i hear alot about linux i hear thta alot of the software isnt supported... i run all amd so what are the chances all my gear is actually useable on linux and are games supported on it?

AFAIK win 7 will not work on ryzen due to USB support, though you may be able to get around it. I use 10 as my daily and its not so bad once you do a few tweaks. IMO the debloat scripts and classic shell are must haves. If you do decide to go the way of 7 and manage to get it working correctly you'll still be missing DX12, which isnt really a big deal.

Personally I think my machine performs better with 10 than it did with 7 (7700k GTX1070). Could be placebo though.

do explain waht windows 10 fixes as i know nothing about windows i just hear alot of kerfuff

As the owner of a 1700 and a linux user I will tell you linux support is awesome. I have had no problems. As for the game support well it is a lot better than it used to be. I do all my gaming on windows so I was surpised to find that about half of my steam library was compatible with linux.

I was just going to say the same thing. Microsoft (The Evil Empire) is going to force everyone upgrading their PC to use Windows 10 which is the reason I have switch to Linux. I know what your going to say, but I need to use Windows for my games. I get around that problem by running my games threw Wine, or setup a virtual machine in the Mint. Everything else I run in Mint.

One workarround is having a P/S 2 keyboard and mouse until you can install chipset drivers.
Or you can use nLite to intigrate USB3.1 drivers into the ISO before installation. (I did it that way)

i have no idea how to do this stuff... id ask for one of u to sit down and teach me how to do vming and stuff but last time it was hard enough egtting one of u to talk in skype to teach me some things

i mostly play blizzard games and gonna be hopefully getting destiny 2

If you have fears about using linux or that hardware won't be supported, I'll tell you right now, you won't have any driver problems outside of having a killer NIC (they refuse driver support for some reason).

I mainline linux. Everything for me have been linux for years and I haven't had many problems. All the games I want to play run in here and honestly the windows tools I used to use don't really come close to my expectations anymore. Yeah, you won't get your windows apps here. Thats like wanting to run your OSX packages on windows. Sounds ridiculous right? Sounds the same to me tbh.

What you'll want to do if you want to try linux out is have a dual boot set up. Install something like Ubuntu Mate or Xubuntu so you can get used to the difference in Desktop Environments and then read up or watch videos on linux. I've made a few, but theres certainly better ones out there. Look up Nixie Pixel on youtube.

Lastly, if you want to jump in on gaming and stuff, I recommend the 17.04 release as soon as it officially drops if it hasn't already. Stay away from mint and do ubuntu or even Netrunner. You want the newest kernel for the newest built-in GPU drivers. You have a few choices with radeonsi and AMDGPU being the ones you get built in. There is a thread that I made a while ago that will give you lots of info to learn about GPU stuff with linux. Its not complicated, maybe a little out of date in the first post since I've become too busy to upkeep it in recent time, but theres people that check it every day and if you have a question I'm sure they can answer.

im gonna be running 2 fury x and a 1700x... im just worried the fury x drivers wont be supported

Use AMDGPU thats not even an issue.

I'd recommend making a questions thread first to see if you want to actually use linux. Get some answers about what you want to do. Certainly you can play WoW and hearthstone, but I'm not sure about the other games because I never tried before.

And I don't like overwatch lol.

im a brain dead idiot i couldnt really understand half the stuff that was said by dude lol. but im interested by far.... but like u said i have so many questions...

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Make a list of them, put a thread together, toss out the chum and see what fish show up.

Yes it is true a lot of the popular software programs aren't natively supported on Linux, but I bet you can find a Linux substitute that would be just as good if not better than any Windows native software. or if that isn't an option it probably can be made to run in wine, or setup a virtual machine. I my opinion the fact that Windows 10 spy's on you is a complete turn off for me, which is why I woun't be upgrading to Windows 10.

what ru hiding that u are trying to protect :stuck_out_tongue:

there are no issues with windows 7 and ryzen 1700x

amd/vendor provides all the drivers. (At least for msi x370 gaming pro carbon)

If you really want to learn how to setup a virtual machine do a google search, pick what software you are going to use, their are a few they each have their + and - I would be willing to help you but I my self am just learning how Linux works.

thats a possesive, you want There, which is an informative