Winrar or 7-zip

I'm not concerned about money I just want to know which one is better

there both free (winrar asks you to pay after 30days but never stops working) i like winrar better thay both do the same thing.

They are both good, personally I use 7-zip just because its truly free and open source. I've heard winrar has better multi-core compatibility, but I've never noticed a difference.

I recommend trying both, you can safely install both at the same time. Figure out which one you like, they are very similar in general.

7zip, by far, 7zip. It is leagues better, both in speed, cross-platform compatibility, and general feature set - there's nothing Winrar has that 7zip doesn't have, or can do better. It isn't 2006 anymore, use a modern compressor/decompressor.

i have both installed as 7z opens more file types and i use it to lock/encript files one in a while, but i much perfer win rar because it has a more plesant ui (almost the same as windows explorer), and when you're just using it as a file browser it does act like a dick

7-zip.  There's also PeaZip, Another free-open source file archiver/extractor. Has 32bit/Peazip 64 bit for windows.Peazip Portable.  And Linux/BSD


I perfer 7-zip, but that's just because I hate that window that pops up telling you to buy it... So I would say 7-zip but to be honest they are pretty much the same last time I checked

i just use winrar cause im use to it.