Winners of the First Bitcoin Mining Giveaway!

Okay, so the drawing has been completed!

Winners are as follows:

Bioshock Infinite: Kas

Crysis 3: DoomedWalker

Trine 2 Bundle: SmokeJumper92

Contact me through the site to claim your prize!

And I helped.

in this post or PM? edit. sent you a pm rytak.


Can't remember how to enter xD How many shares is it?

2,000 shares = 1 entry


Also, if I have two PCs, do the shares mined by both PCs get added together?

i'm working on a new system. The forst one was 2,000=one entry, and yes, both get added together.

The new system will factor in how fast you mine so that slower people still have a chance.

Wouldn't the issue still be the same in general. With the faster miners being faster, and the slower miners being slower?


No. It takes into account time spent mining as a big factor. I've sent it to Logan and wendell. It's really complicated and I can't really write it in type or else it will just be a big mess. point is, the more you mine, the more entries you get regardlesif of what card you have.

i spent quite a bit of time with it and the formula is pretty solid. :)

Okay, so I could just switch over to let my cpu mine then and still have a "equal" chance at winning.

 My point here is that if your just going to nerf the entries to people who have AMD cards and boost those who have Nvidia cards. Well, why should the AMD users stick around.

We'll do more work, but only stand on equal ground. Hell, I had 24,000 shares over 12 entires into the last contest and I didn't win anything. Seems fair already by my prespective.


Also im sorry if I'm not a trusting guy when someone says "oh, I got a idea but its too complex to explain." Pretty much how Bush got elected to a 2nd term.

ffs lol, i explained it. Its not just based on time. That's why i spent all that time making a good formula. It is a combination of time spent mining and how many shares you get, so that people with lower end GPU's still get a fair chance, but people with higher end GPU's still get more shares per unit of time.

And seeing as you really want to know, here is the formula even though it wont make sense: