Wine Staging issues in Fedora (Overwatch CEF specifically)

So I tried to add the repository and install Wine Staging direct from WineHQ for Fedora but I just can’t get it to work the same as on a Debian/Ubuntu install.

The primary issue is Overwatch. On Debian and Ubuntu there are patches to make the Chrome Embedded Framework executable work without any user intervention, but the same doesn’t work on Fedora… Worst part is, I hear people installing from other repos don’t have this issue, so I’m stumped.

Before I wanted to come here for help, I asked Reddit. DON’T. It’s a toxic sesspool of trolls.

What exactly is wrong here that CEF patches work in Ubuntu and don’t work in the WineHQ repository of Wine Staging on Fedora? I’m not a low level debugger so I likely don’t have the experience to fix this myself.


Looks like I’m not alone in having issues with Overwatch running on Wine Staging Fedora:

So I WASN’T hallucinating, there are genuinely problems with Wine Staging on Fedora that affect Overwatch.

Edit: I’ll just make a point that this proves no one is going to bugfix Wine Staging compatibility on Fedora. If you were hoping to do passthrough and have Wine at the same time, looks like that’s not possible. I’d have a Ubuntu partition for Wine and a Fedora partition for your VMs.

Try Lutris and report back.