Wine not launching games

As the title says, I’m unable to launch games using wine. This is weird because just a few weeks ago it was working fine (I was away from my pc for a bit), since then I updated my system and as far as I can tell that’s the reason for the broken wine.
The most interesting part however is that when I try launching something through Lutris it works just fine. For example when I run WINEPREFIX="$prefix" wine $path_to_steam I get steam window that says “connecting $username” and then stops executing, when I launch steam through lutris (same executable and prefix) it launches just fine.
So far I’ve tested steam - gets to ‘connecting’ and stops, Into the breach - black window opens and then closes, The Witcher 3 - no window appears.
Steam and TW3 work fine when launched through lutris.

I’m running Arch Linux and Wine is 3.19

Any idea what might be causing this?