Wine disabling openGL, steam problems and reloading fglrx

I have searched a quite a bit for this problem.

I have AMD proprietary drivers loaded. They are fully updates with these steps (I wrote them as a reminder in a help for myself text document, so they are abreviated)

  1. Open Software Updater, let it update.
  2. Once the update is finished, click on Settings...
  3. Go to Additional Drivers tab, click the checkbox that says Using Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators from fglrx (proprietary)
    sudo apt-get install fglrx fglrx-amdcccle
    sudo reboot

So with these steps I can load my linux steam games from my steam linux client without any problems and it renders as good as amd drivers lets us render them.

Now the problem is: I also want to install wine, so I can install the launcher and play some diablo and more but whenever I install wine, It's like my steam client does not find my proprietary drivers anymore. I have 2 guess:

  1. Wine writes over fglrx
  2. For unknown reasons, it blocks my steam client from accessing fglrx and openGL configurations.

Here is what I do to install wine:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
Then update APT package information by running 'sudo apt-get update'. You can now install Wine by typing 'sudo apt-get install wine1.7'.knotes:

  1. Install the latest release of WINE
  2. Open the Configure Wine app or type "winecfg" in terminal
  3. Go to the "Libraries" tab and Add the "msvcp100" override to the existing overrides

I am not an advanced Linux user at all, but any help is appreciated!

Ubuntu 14.10, amd r9 290x,
openGL version 4.4.12968 Compatibility Profile Context 14.201.1006.1002
Driver packaging version 14.201.1006.1002-140902a-175601C-ATI

This is a known problem, and I remember seeing the workaround somewhere. You would have to either edit the AMD .run or something like that or build wine in a funny way.

Basically, AMD's driver doesn't actually depend on whatever it is, it just says it does, so you have to tell it that it doesn't to shut it up.

EDIT: I remember now, it's been fixed in the latest drivers, like the 15 catalyst driver. But before then, it was a mess. I'm running 15.04, I had

sudo apt-get install fglrx wine

and everything was fine.

Just curios, why do you use Catalyst?

An alternative method could be to use PlayOnLinux it sort of aids the wine installation process. It can be found in the Ubuntu software center. It sets up individual wine profiles on a game by game basis. I don't have an AMD card, but something you could try.

Because I have not been able to play my steam games properly on open source drivers. I did not try anything fancy frankly to make it work but Torchlight 2 just don't start up and I did not want to mess up with this.

And from what I have read over multiple forums and on phoronix, open source driver don't quite cut it compared to the AMD ones, even if AMD's are actually much les good than nvidia on linux

Ok so by installing the 15.04 beta AND installing wine I should be OK?

Catalyst and radeonsi (open source driver) have equal-ish performance most of the time. With radeonsi, an upgraded mesa (oibaf ppa) and kernel (Mainline Kernel) it might match catalyst performance and TL2 should also run fine.

As an extra you get Gallium Nine which improves Wine D3D performance a lot.

my torchlight 2 sometimes hit 60 fps but most of the time run at 30 and lower. Bioshock does not run very smooth either, very similar to what phoronix benchmarks have shown. Have you tried bioshock?

I really hope AMD release good drivers in the next months, it's a shame for amd users, even if people run on open source drivers, they could push forward progress and removes obscure boundaries that limits r9 2xx users

Err.... sort of. I usually have issues with steam on the 15.04 in just getting it running the first time. After that it's all good.

If I cant make it work via PlayonLinux tonight I will try this radeonsi and upgraded mesa. I just don't know how to properly do it yet, I might have to read a lot on the subject. I am running ubuntu gnome, I don't know if I can upgrade the kernel with this.

I have read much on the subject, I think I will stick with the catalyst for now.

Benchmarks for the r9 290x shows very poor performance compared to catalyst, and also that r7 260 and r9 270 runs better on open source drivers than the r9 290x.

If you're running WINE to play Windows games, I would recommend the open source drivers with Wine and the Directx 9 runtime. Yes, that's right, native directx 9 runtime in linux. No making it into OpenGL or anything.