Windows10 Night Light - default color setting

Hello everyone,

windows10 user here.
I’ve been using w10 Night Light feature happily for some time, until I messed up with it recently.

I have played with color settings to see, what the difference will be.
To my surprise, there’s no default setting button anywhere and I cannot figure out the original setting now (It’s either too white or too red).

Has anybody encountered this, and managed to get the original setting back, perhaps by editing registry?

i’ve never used it,
This is what it looks like on my pc ( again i’ve never used or tweaked it )

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Thanks man.
I’ve “synced” it using trial and error, method using mspaint:

  1. I found, it’s possible to navigate the slider using arrow keys (There are 53 steps from to end to another, in total)
  2. Adjust the value using keyboard
  3. Printscreen and compare with you reference
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until pixel perfect

I’m still curious, whether there isn’t another, intelligent way to do this. (Reinstall the os might be an option as well, lol)

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haha nice

I can’t try it currently since I’m not on or near a Win10 PC at the moment, but…

Apparently the value is stored here:

You can try deleting it, restarting PC, it should create the default config if nothing is present. Back up the value before you do of course.

this guy also built a PS-cmdlet for automation.

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Tested this in virtual machine.
Although night light setting didn’t actually apply in virtualbox machine (picture hasn’t changed color at all), I was able to change settings / manipulate sliders.
Deleting the key mentioned and restarting machine caused key recreation and return to default settings.
After merging the key back, settings reverted to what I set before.

It works, thanks!