Windows XP Problem

Hey guys, today I unplugged my pc and cleaned it out with my air compressor. After doing so once I hooked everything back up, I cannot use my keyboard or mouse in windows xp. This happened to me when i first got my motherboard but all i had to do was let my pc sit there for a few minutes(about 4) and it would work after that. I think because I unplugged the pc this happened again -.- I can boot into windows 7 perfectly fine, in fact thats what I'm using to type this right now. Just when ever I go into Windows xp, my mouse has no power at all, my keyboard LEDs come on but I cannot press any buttons, I even tried a PS2 keyboard, it would work just wouldn't register any commands to the computer.


Mobo: Asus Maximus II Formula

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

GPU: Evga GTX 260

Harddrive 1: 250 GB Sata(xp install)

Harddrive 2: 80 GB IDE (win 7 install)

Any info would be appreciated.

Drivers, just curious what psi are you using to clean your pc?

"Hey guys, today I unplugged my pc and cleaned it out [b]with my air compressor.[/b]"

Despite the typo he made, (meaning compressed air), yeah.

I went to the XP page at Windows today. It could be related to up dates to XP sp3.

I am Useing XP sp3 and my computer sarts ok to windows start up but then loops. I had to boot to safe mode to start up the last 3 days. Iturn the computer off at night.

I'd definitely say drivers for this problem. If PS/2 isn't working, then I think it's the hardware drivers in XP, not the software for the peripherals themselves. Look into that. Go to control panel, and you should be able to find the rest.

that's weird, but i can't think of anything that hasn't been mentioned already..

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Well... you can't complain.

lol @ my typo, and i'm almost 100% sure it's not the drivers because it worked before and yeah. id try a ps/2 mouse but my mobo only allows ps/2 keyboards D: I dont think i can even get into safe mode but ill try tonight.

MeGotRice wrote 13 minutes ago ยป


Well... you can't complain.


wait... but why would it just stop working after a cleaning? but then again, when i unplug my rig and unplug the hdd, and turn it back on, it says its installing drivers for my HDD, soo.... i don't know what happens in xp, why don't you try using usb mice and keyboards?

There is a usb to ps2 coverter you can get at a good computer store maybe it will work. There is a bios that only acepts ps2 keybord in set up. Look in your motherbord book to fore the bois rest jumper. I would try and find someone who realy knows there shit to play with the jumper and bios. Take your computer in to a store maybe in your area that does system bilding. Try evrything else before bios check fore loose wires and simple stuff first. Unhook everything and try with just mouse keybord and monitor might boe a short eather inside or outside of your case.

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