Windows won't see my second hardrive... Help?

Just built a PC with Windows 8.  It has 2 WD Blues (1TB each).  I wanted to run them in RAID 1 (Asrock z77 pro3 mobo) but I'm a pleb and couldn't figure it out, so I decided to pool them (mirrored) in storage spaces to accomplish almost the same thing as RAID 1.  My problem is, W8 won't see my second hardrive.  It shows C in SATA 0, and doesn't show the one in SATA 1.  In the bios, both HDDs show up, one in SATA0 and one in SATA1.  What gives?  Am I missing a step?

Also, if anyone has any RAID advise, maybe I should just reformat and go back to my original plan of running them in RAID 1.

Woah, look I made a thread for you already.

Oh wait, it was just you failing to understand raid, my bad.

If you mirror 2 1tb drives that will be 1 1tb drive if you set them raid striped 0 you will get 1 drive @ 2tbs showing in windows