Windows, WebDAV, and a bit of frustration

Does anyone have any ideas why I can’t map anything apart from the root directory of my Synology NAS as a network location in Windows?

Using WebDAV, I can set up a network drive as, which automatically gets changed to \\[email protected]@5006, but I can’t access any of the shares directly (e.g. or \\\[email protected]@5006).

I’ve tried mapping the drives with a couple of third party tools, including NetDrive, but I just get the same result.

I want to set up different shares as separate mapped drives, so I can see the capacities. Like I can do over SMB, locally (not 100% on that being doable). But it would still be nice to separate my media from more important things.

I have a valid HTTPS/SSL cert from Let’s Encrypt for the domain.

Any help’s appreciated.

Somebody just assured me that current Windows 10 does WebDAV without problems. :smiley:

Try MountainDuck and if that does not work send MS a feature request bug report.