Windows vs linux

hey guys, i watched the tek 0039 on linux taking over the world and i am gonna build my system in a months time and i want to ask if i should go linux ubuntu and save a few bucks and not buy windows and a dvd drive or i should still go windows, i really do not understand if he meant linux is taking over the world in terms of gaming or something else. Also i will use my computer to play games only, and surf the internet to see pics of cats.

Hmm...look Linux most probably will take over the gaming pc market and if Steam continues to release for Linux as they are doing then go with Linux. At this exact moment I'd still opt Windows, just for now.

Yea, i also think so because something this big will take maybe about another 1 year and logan said in his video that he has over 200 games and only 16 of them are compatible with linux now. 

Yeah. You can always switch to Linux later with no extra cost.

So.... i will have to do a double boot?

Get an SSD. Save your ONLY your OS to it. Then when the time comes to change. Wipe the SSD and install Linux.

how do i wipe an SSD?

"Surf the internet to see pics of cats" lol awesome, who doesn't love cats!

i love to see pics of cats, while i glance at my dog and envy the people with cats.

But seriously, how do i wipe an SSD?

There will be a format option on the system memory settings. It should also give you a guide on the manual with the SSD

Here you go:

thank you.

I don't think you should go linux... you said GAMES and currently that just isn't happening. steam/linux are in the infancy stage and I, sadly, really don't think it will do well. Maybe in 5 years.