Windows Vista Reinstall Help

After what i reckon was the worst upgrade in history, i have downgraded my computer back to its original hard-ware. Then i had to reinstall vista which was a pain. Of course i backed everything up...? O well not to worry as i found a folder called 'windows.old' in my C drive which had everything there. So after copying my work across i found i cant copy the programs properly. Is it ok to delete the whole folder as it has another windows folder within it.

I don't think, but I'm not sure, that it would harm anything if you would delete it, as I think it only contains old windows files. So maybe some important looking ones are in there, but if you reinstalled everything I gues that the new Vista has everything it needs. But maybe thats to easy thinking.

Same as i386 on xp.. when I tried to delete that fodler I got a message that files inside it was in use

Ah, damn its just thats its taking up nearly 200gbs, i can delete the old games i had in there though? coz they take up most of it

Normally when you go to computer cleanup it has an option for deleting old windows files. (That's what i did when i upgraded to Win7, deleted about 5GB).