Windows uptade

So my friend own's a laptop with windows 7 and it haves an uptade problem. So always when he starts hes computer it starts to install something and when it has done it's sopouse to restart but it just shuts down. He can't skip the problem either with selecting not to uptade because it still starts the uptade. I really dont know what it is so i would like to know if any of you know how to fix it. I have been thinking to reinstall windows to it but i dont really know what to do.

trying disabling windows update as a service

Used to have this problem, but with my laptop that had Windows Vista once. I replugged the harddrive, the ram and the processor. I think that was enough cause the ram had somehow remembered the situation over and over again like it was some kind of bios problem. I updated the Bios after that and it worked fine.

I don't have the link off hand, but do a search for something like "how to disable/enable windows update" or "windows update won't install". It's been a while, but basically you need to reset the update service and it's related cache. All it takes is a few lines of commands in a Dos Prompt, but I forget what they are and you have to be exact!