Windows Update Wiped My Linux Clean

I have dual-boot with Win10 and Debian on the same disk. I did a Win10 update with the id “1607”, Creator’s Update(?). In any event when it was over my Linux partition was “unassigned”, seemingly wiped clean. Maybe the update just flagged it that way - maybe the data was actually wiped-clean. How hard would it have been for the programmers to add a few lines of code i.e. - if a partition has a Linux file system then leave it alone. Would that of been so hard to do?

Working as intended as far as I know.


Windows shouldn’t be messing with partition tables when they’re doing updates anyways.

Regardless, it’s possible the data’s still there. You can use testdisk to try to recover the partition.


It’s not likely to have touched your partitions. It did overwrite the bootloader though, you need to reinstall grub etc.


This exactly. If anything from the update modified the Windows bootloader, it would have re-imaged the entire bootloader which will prevent Linux from booting. Just boot from a linux USB drive and reinstall GRUB. Should fix your problems.