Windows update hates intel ssds

so my main rig has been acting weird the past few weeks, blue screening a lot, hadn’t been able to figure out what the problem was. then I saw jayztwocents recent video where he was having similar problems, and it ended up being the latest windows update, and he fixed it with a bios update? well I updated the bios on my x99 strix, and yeah windows is still acting weird. it wont let me update. just wondering how many other people are having the same problem or similar?

other bugs it has, its inconsistent with these but yeah, blue screens, all sorts of different error codes for the blue screens.
When downloading games/updates for games, during the final process whether its installing or whatever it usually fails.
overall really sluggish, never ending spinning pointer, or spiritic spinning pointer.
random bluescreen on bootup, sometimes.
any windows software wont open, or will randomly close itself.
the desktop, including the lower windows task bar, and background flicker, but any open programs run fine.
sometimes when windows programs do work, like edge, defender and windows update, they will open but that’s about it, defender will allow me to begin scanning, but wont get past the first file. windows update will open but the area where you would click check for update, or to delete previous updates, is just blank space.
and if using software raid through windows, it just does all kinds of crazy irritating things.