Windows Update has become mentally challenged

Now I'm having problems with Windows Update. After playing some BF3 last night and shutting down for the night... Windows tried to install some updates. About 236 to be exact. And most of them failed. So now, Windows Update will not download. Or so it seems. I created a restore point to before the update process was initialized. And now Windows Update keeps trying to download update. But the Softwaredistribution folder for Windows is filled with over 4GBs of data. I think the updates are there. But it just isn't installing them. It's saying I have 230-something updates + 9 optional ones and they won't download. Stays at 0 KBs, 0%. But it seems like all the necessary updates are there. Or perhaps I'm wrong. Regardless, Windows Update is just not working... and prolonging my PC problems which are still ever-present.


You can actually reset your upadtes - this doesn't roll back your OS, but the windows update centre(?) checks everything again. This may help your problem.

How do I do that exactly?

EDIT: HOLY SHIT. Alright. Something's wrong. I have just checked the software distribution folder in Windows. And it's just growing. I have stopped Windows Update for now. it's just eating away at my damn SSD. WOW! What's going on?

Nuke the folder and let it redownload. Or yaknow, switch to Linux ;)


Yeah, Windows Update is checking for updates FOREVER! What the hell? And why is it actually DOWNLOADING when checking for updates? Is this normal? Apparently, it came out to be 1.1GBs... but it's chewed away several gigabytes of data off my damn SSD. The phuq?!

Maybe it is downloading Windows 10 - which version of Windows do you have?

(Sorry, went to sleep after my response, that's why I'm answering rather late)

Stop starting new threads on the same subject. Just read the material posted on the existing threads instead.

Garbage in, garbage out. If you do not put forth even the slightest effort to set up and maintain your OS, you have no room to complain later when it doesn't behave the way you want it to.

I've already explained how to update Windows:

In fact, making sure the OS gets the dotNet Framework/VS C++ updates and WUs is one of those things to do PRIOR to making sure BF3 is installed. Priorities...

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... I launched Never10 after installing it yesterday. And it said that there are are no Windows 10 files... Very, very interesting. It's funny how you suggest that perhaps it's Windows 10 that is downloading. Sure enough, I run Never10 AGAIN after starting my computer. And it detects Windows 10 files and disables them.


Well, I ran something that wiped the Windows Update history. So I don't know if I got those two updates you mentioned last. I think I might have. I was trying to fix Windows Update from searching for updates forever.

just disable windows update that's what I always did when I used windows never had a problem again

Format and reinstall, no big deal

Oh dear god, please tell me you manually checked for security updates and installed them when needed?

not once nver had an issue

...that you are aware of... I hope you are behind a solid firewall etc. and review carefully anything that invokes a UAC prompt.

Whilst you can mitigate against problems caused by security vulnerabilities it's generally really bad practice not to install security patches. Patching Windows is like innoculations against measles. The more unpatched machines are out there the more problems there will be when an exploit is found.

The same logic applies to Linux, security through obscurity no longer applies.

firewall nope disabled uac
I don't pay attention to the firewall so long as it doesn't get in the way
I disable windows updates b/c it slows down the computer

You are either trolling or a disaster waiting to happen :-)


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+1. When I used Windows I turned off Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, UAC and basically half of Windows.

If you aren't installing random EXEs from the internet then you're completely fine, make sure the files you download are of the expected size, verify them, don't use Java on websites, don't use random legacy applications with holes in them like IE, etc.

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Picture worth 1,000 words.


It's pretty bad when WND has a front page story on how bad Windows 10 is. I am gonna guess that World Net Daily uses Linux in their newsroom.

sounds like windows alright