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Windows update, gun to my head situation?


I have noticed something odd related the Windows Update on my mini PC, Nuc 6i7KYK.

On a few occasions now when I turn the PC on certain function are broken, generally wireless stuff. I have turned it on twice now and it will refuse to recognise that my Bluetooth keyboard exists. The first time I had a wired mouse to try and troubleshoot it and ended up checking windows update which miraculously made it work again like nothing happened.
The second time I had a Bluetooth mouse too and it continued working perfectly, wirelessly, while the keyboard again was not picked up. Again a windows update made everything right.
I have checked the board it had battery in both these cases and connected to my phone just fine but windows would not have it.

Then yesterday I turned on the PC and the WiFi was showing no connection. Looked into it and it could pick up and list my neighbours WiFi fine but would not even list mine which was no more that 2m away. Once again one windows update later and it was like nothing happened.

In every case the Bluetooth and WiFi were both active and working but it would “choose” to not connect to my things, anyone else’s fine but not mine.

Is this some sort of new tactic to force people to update. Once windows know and update is available it disables stuff so you have to update to get it working again even though it was working anyway last boot.


I have gotten so [email protected] tired of having the following happening:

  • Recieve phonecall about network not working or some other problem.
  • Walk over and find the restart to finish updating icon
  • Tell the user that we need to restart his pc
  • User has to wait a looooooong time for update to finish
  • User curses and talks about technology supposed to make things easier/faster but that’s the opposite of Win10
  • Pc logs in and all works again…
  • I walk away cursing at Microsoft in my head.
  • Sit down to my Linux devices and wish everyone would make the change!


Yup sounds right but why disable it for things that I am connected to only, why not just kill the Bluetooth or WiFi entirely. Selectively kicking me off my peripherals and networks is bizarre.

They clearly still work. The drivers have not been removed.


MS laid off their entire QC department, or maybe it was just the Windows QC. Either way, expect the bugs to get worse and weirder until their users all leave or they pull their head out of the sand.


Having used Office, especially Sharepoint and Access, Microsoft seems to have adopted the tried and tested tactic from the game making industry: Let monkeys write the code, then just ship it.


Which is all understandable in the mess that has resulted but this seems… targeted.