Windows update error: 8007007E



Does anybody know how to fix this problem in windows 7? Basically what I do is I go to windows update manager or updater dunno exactly what's it called in English version but I guess you get the point anyway. Search for updates and after few seconds it says error 8007007E. I tried repair disk but nothing and few things I found from googling but nothing seems to be working..


Any ideas? Windows 7 Ultimate I didn't even notice till until today as I decided "hey let's check updates" then wtf moment lol


regsvr32 Inseng.dll


When I do following command in CMD I get error.


something like modul inseng.dll was already loaded, starting point DllRegisterServer not found.  make sure inseng.dll is .dll or ocx file and try again.


All those other dlls work just fine but not this one.

So this is suppose to install future updates?

I did try this before I ran it like 2-3 times but it didn't seem to fix the problem.