Windows tries too upgrade windows 10 too windows 10

I bought win 10 for my laptop. From the store, on a cd. After now using it for a few weeks, i get the constant nagging from "windows upgrade assistant" too upgrade mye rig too win 10.

Anyone got any ideas on how too kill the nagging beast?

Maybe it's trying to upgrade to Anniversary Edition.

Yhe, but it says upgrade, and not update. Is it something they will be working on or can i just skip it and wait for the next ?

Why the hell did you buy it? The upgrade was free.

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I had this happen to me a couple of times with the jump from 1511 to 1607... Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (that's the "1607") did a "reinstall" (installed software remained) of Windows 10 (the "1511"). The process was the same with the one when I opted in for the free upgrade from 7/8/8.1.

Go to 'services' on your laptop, and there you can disable the 'windows update' function.

Had this happen at work after we "upgraded" to windows 10. It's a weird bug that pops up. The way we fixed it was by using the reset option in the settings menu. You'll need to basically need to do a full reinstall, but doing so from the original boot media didn't work when I was dealing with this issue. Hope this helps you out.

It looks like you are the lucky one to be selected to Microsoft's top secret Ultra-Beta program.
By upgrading Windows 10 twice you will be the first person on Earth to test Windows 20.



I didnt have a OS