Windows to mac, and back to windows

Greetings from Denmark!

A couple of years ago i switched to mac, from an acer running vista, no wonder.

In about 2 weeks i'll be going to be studying electrical engineering and thus I need a computer which can actually run stof, besides word & itunes. I've managed to find one and everyting's good. But now i'm just confused about general software?

My question is: 
Which programs are an absolute must-have and what program does that best?

Like, torrentclient, anti-virus, zip, browser (+plugins), music, etc?

Besides that, everything needs to be free or at least almost, since i'm living of 800$ a month, with about 0$ left after rent, books and food etc.

Thank you in advance :)

Regards Bjørn :)

Vlc for movies

Avast for antivirus

Utorrent (self explanitory)

7zip or winrar   7zip is free

Foobar2000 for music

Google crome or Firefox   personal preference

Steam for games

Aida64 for monitoring temps and voltages

Daemon tools for mounting isos


Awesome! Thank you very much! :)

For free avg Avira is best.

Chrome is sleek and fast but ease of use is not good as Firefox.Firefox is easy to use and has many features but clogs your memory over time.


So im figuring chrome is better?

Ease of use is not really an issue. I was wondering which one is better. It seems that most people agree that those two are the best, but since one has to be better than the other (at least for different purposes), I would like people's opinion on that.