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Windows Store Issues

So I can’t seem to download any games from the Windows Store via Windows 10 pro.

Here is the scenario, I can logon to the store just fine and browse jsut fine, no errors being reported.

I signed up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so I could play a few PC games that are not yet available on Steam.

Well the game page loads fine and when I go to the download/install button it clicks but after a few seconds I get errors stating it can’t download.

Tried all my drives including my OS/Boot drive which is a 2TB NVMe SSD.

I reviewed the error codes and it seems that the Windows Store may need to be reinstalled, followed some guides online using Powershell but no go.

I think I need to do a PC reset as I think using the IObit Uninstaller to remove a bunch of Windows apps like the Windows Store is causing this issue.

Any ideas ?

Connected to your MS account ? I would go check out your settings.

I dunno if it’s been suggested, by possibly try making sure the support service for Windows app store is up and working:

sc config dmwappushservice start= delayed-auto
net start dmwappushservice

Try running that from a CMD


Thanks for the replies, I will give them both a shot…

I ran the cmd lines and they seemed to have started theat service.

When I logged onto my Windows account and checked the settings, I noticed my device is NOT FOUND and I can’t seem to connect to it at all.

When trying I get a message that I can’t turn on the location info.

You more than likely have to connect your pc with your ms in order for the store functions to work correctly. You should be able to do that in settings… Windows update @ security/ activation/ add microsoft account.

Other than that…backup your data and fresh install making sure it is connected to your MS account.

Well I didn’t have to do a fresh install, it appears that the RESET PC function works and I can now load the Windows Store functions and the Xbox PC app now installs and works.

I can also turn on the location info for my machine which is required for the store to function properly, nothing like sending all that telemetry info to MS now is there :wink:

So I was about ready to do the backup data and wipe with a fresh install but that doesn’t appear to be needed now.


I kind of suspected that you custom installed. I keep forgetting about the refresh thing which is basically new install.

No worries and thanks for the tips, I just needed to get it done :wink:

Just reinstalling the apps like Chrome and Firefox etc…

Interesting, pretty sure all that is off for me. I also do not have my MS account linked to my Windows account (offline Windows account).

Store works fine (though I do not use game pass, but I did buy a few games through it).

I seem to remember having a couple of problems on a machine that ShutUp10 had been used with extra zeal. I can’t remember what it was but returning to the ShutUp10 defaults fixed it.

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If you run shutup10 or any other ‘debloat scripts’ then you’re gonna have a bad time using windows features.

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You can leave the store intact and windows debloated but a lot of things in the store are going to try and force you onto a ms account. The second you open up that ms account , it is all over with. I have barely used much from the store mostly because of that.

I mostly debloat and leave the store intact but unused.

@adubs @thevillageidiot

Neither of you are quite right. Shutup10 is very effective, just take time to read the options and be extra careful with anything it doesn’t recommend by default. Used wisely you won’t break anything, and you can use it to enable/disable features on demand.

Opening an MS account also isn’t a problem, in fact if you want to control what data MS has on you it might actually be the better option. Without an account MS will obviously store data they associate with your machine/installation. With an account you can now go and tell them how you want that data stored or what to history to delete.


with an account you can now see the effect the changing Windows telementary settings and using tools like Shutup10 has. Running tests with MS accounts and using default settings I can see everything e.g. what MS software is being used on a machines, when etc. By then switching to non-MS software e.g. Firefox instead of Edge, libre office instead of O365, and by using Shutup10 all that information dries up. No need to be scared of it, take control.

okay chief

Believe what you will…I have played with shut10 but that is not how I do things…It can’t be a snitch if it is not there.

Shutup10 is sort of an easy button but… i

You can see this already via the diagnostic data viewer. No need for screwing around with anything

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