Windows storage setup


I'm looking to setup a RAID-like storage system on my windows pc, but am have trouble going about this, I run a nas with 5 drives in zfs and i have 3 new 2TB drives i want to put in my pc for local storage.

I've been looking into win8/svr2012 storage spaces and refs, but have come up short with a solution.

Originally i thought that i could do a 3-drive parity with refs but it appears that isn't a thing, and i'm definitely not doing standard software raid5.

Just wondering if anyone has something to say on the matter ?

p.s. this is just for home use and on windows 8.1


Maybe a lower-end hardware RAID controller?

I use snapraid, which works well if you don't need real time redundancy. You could have a look at flexraid, I tried it a while ago but the performance on Linux was pretty terrible, I think it works better on windows though.

The snapraid site has a pretty good comparison different raid-like solutions.