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Windows Start-menu search - is there a fix?



Is there a fix to make the search in the Start-menu actually work in Windows 10 and 2016 Server?
It’s the classic problem where it just doesn’t find what it should, like programs that do appear in the Start-menu are not found when searching.

If there’s a fix I can push to all clients easily using GPOs it would be perfect.



I’d first disable Cortana/internet search and see if things improve. has the non-gpo method of doing this (assuming it still is relevant).


Thanks for the suggestion! Will check to see if disabling internet search does anything.


Not that i’ve discovered.

It’s sad, that now-adays “dir foo*.* /s” (like i used to use in like… 1992) is more useful.


Yeah I really don’t get why they had to literally ruin that search feature in the Start-menu for at least Windows 10 and Server 2016.

It’s virtually 99% broken.


It amazes me that Microsoft can take something that works and just fuck it all up so consistently


Yeah I’m amazed as well! Or baffled, shocked, dumbfounded. And quite frankly infuriated.
It’s simply not fair to charge companies for software that doesn’t work but MS can get away with it because of their de-facto monopoly. People are too used to Outlook and then IT have to eat Valium every day not to end up murdering some random Microsoft employee.

Windows 10, Server 2016, Office 16 / 365, SharePoint (and a bunch of other stuff) that’s been around for several years still gives you a feeling of using pre-alpha software with missing features and a plethora of bugs.

At home I’m still on Windows 7 and in 2020 when extended support ends it’ll be bye bye Microsoft. It’s enough having to deal with Win10/2016 at work. I really don’t want to end up as a valium addict. lol!


It only seems to work on super fast drives


Yeah, the only reason I’m not using Windows 7 is on Ryzen all my USB peripheral don’t load. I started using Windows 8.1, but then moved onto a Windows VM with GPU passthrough setup, and for whatever reason the Nvidia kernel driver isn’t 100% stable on it, so had to use Windows 10.

Though, just recently decided to finally try figuring out how to install Linux Mint 19.1 properly as a VM with passthrough and use that for a few months. Turns out it just needs to be setup in a particular order to work properly, and gotta say it’s quite spiffy :stuck_out_tongue:


Solution: switch them to 365 web apps and then run whatever OS you like.


Nah, it’s still broken on 1TB Evo 970 M.2 SSD…


The only hope for Linux desktops taking over the world


Not necessarily linux, but yeah, at work since we’re shifting services to 365, Mac, ipad, Linux, whatever works fine. Mac and iOS even have native 365 apps.


Tried, but didn’t really succeed with convincing anyone it was a good idea. People want all the features they’re used to from the desktop apps even though they don’t use them - or could use/do something else.

And yeah that search issue isn’t related to disk speeds at all. It’s the exact same issue everywhere.



Might want to look into 365 some more.

It isn’t just “office on the web”, there’s a huge amount of integration between the different applications, both for the same user and across teams. E.g., links between calendar and planner, teams and outlook, etc.

I didn’t “get” 365 either until i started using it for a bit. the fact that it is web hosted is a side-note, not the “point” of it.

They can still run the traditional desktop apps, but when the data is in 365 it is accessible to so many more applications.


And to add to this office information. Even Microsoft are putting out hit campaigns on the Office Suite to advertise 365 instead. Comparing how old slow and broken 2019 is to 365. Nothing too extreme but Microsoft are pushing 365 hard even over their own suite of software.


I just don’t trust anything that’s says 365 and is made by Microsoft.
We had a document disappear from our SharePoint. Microsofts proposed solution was to literally take our entire SharePoint offline for 72 hours in order to restore that single file. I told them to take a hike, then spent an afternoon recreating the file.

But with that said you’re probably right, we could probably do something smarter/better than we do now. Will have to spent some time figuring out how/what we can take advantage of here.


Nor do i particularly, but your choices at this point are:

  • get on board
  • get off the microsoft train and switch platforms.


You’re absolutely right. Sad, but true.
Guess I’ll keep pushing for the latter even though management isn’t easy to convince.