Windows Start Menu can't find installed programs

I think @wendell sort of referred to this in a recent video, but windows 10 start menu can’t find shit anymore. It only wants to return web search results. It used to AWESOME. like I would hit the windows key, type the first letter or two of a program and hit enter and it was running. Now it refuses to find the programs for the most part. Sometimes, if it wants to, and the stars align, and steve ballmer doesn’t have a tummy ache, it will find a program if I type the complete name, but mostly its like “what program? how about some shitty web search for the program”.

What happened? Seriously tired of this shit.

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My absolute favorite is when you type “Windows Update” and get no results. Then mash the backspace key a few times until it says “Windows Upd” and all the sudden it shows up in the list. Seriously? Should I expect it to take 1 second per keystroke to process or am I just being impatient? :crazy_face:

Try using WinAeroTweaker. You can disable the “web search” portion of the search bar, see if that helps.

Install power toys. Enable the search there. It’s much less garbage


Is it my imagination that they updated it and now it sucks?

Where is the powertoys search? Just installed powertoys and I don’t see anything about search.

which version do u have installed? try Alt+Space