Windows Shell Common Dll, Host Process (Rundll 32) have stopped working

Hi guys,


This is my first post and Logan says this forum is filled with some very smart people. I hope he is right and that you guys are willing to help me out since the rest of the internet doesn't seem to be able so solve my problem. I've had this problem before and after many hours of anger and tears I desperatly re-installed Windows 7. Not long after my fresh install this problem has come to haunt me again.

PROBLEM: when I want to choose a default problem to open a file and the file isn't the orginal list, I click browse. Almost immediately the following two boxes pop up: 

  • windows Shell Common Dll has stopped working
  • windows host proces (Rundll32) has stopped working

Also, when browsing the file explorer or when accessing the explorer in other programs like notepad or Adobe programs, the program will crash and say:

  • "explorer.exe" or <program name> has stopped working

I suspect these errors are caused by the same kind of problem.

It would really mean a lot if you guys could help me because I can't get any work done and it's so frustrating! You guys are my only hope. Thanks in advance!