Windows Server on ProxmoxVe not installing

Hi all,

I have been attempting to get Windows Server installed on my PromoxVE server for the past week or so without luck.

I have an Intel i5-7500 w/16GB of ram as the Promox Server, there are no other resources running on it.

When I attempt to install Windows Server, the VM starts, posts, and then starts to load up the ISO, then it just stops the VM. There are no error messages in Proxmox that offer any info, and I have tried various settings, VM templates, ISOs etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

What I have tried:

  • Downloaded fresh ISO image from Windows Server 2019 | Microsoft Evaluation Center
  • Downloaded Virt IO drivers from Windows VirtIO Drivers - ProxmoxVE
  • Set several Guest OS types and Versions
  • Tried default SeaBIOS & OVMF (UEFI)
  • Tried with Qemu agent & without
  • Tried with TMP & without
  • Tried with several types of disk controller including virtio, IDE & SATA
  • Tried every different CPU type available (I assumed this was the main issue at first)

At this point I am just spinning my wheels retrying the same steps over and over.

Take a look at the system log in proxmox when it is happening. I had a i7-8700 machine that started having issues with my windows VMs and found the cause there. (bad ram)