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Windows Server and Chocolatey or alternatives?

Hi, is anyone using WS with Chocolatey for deploying/installing software?

I like it as it reminds me of apt-get etc (and i am a windows user mind you).
But it being untrusted makes me worried, and security is a big deal,
not to the paranoia level for me, but to basic degree i guess.

So does anyone use it, or do you use alternatives etc?

as a alternate to chocolatey there is not sure about the security part of it tho

Ah yeah know that one, it not installing applications normally though is something that may cause issues i rather not dig into.
I enjoyed it when i tried it though so nothing wrong with it per say:)

Wendell used it. I don’t know if he still does. He made a video on it.

oh that’s interesting, would be neat to here what he has to say on it.

It’s something I breifly looked at - that is using it to install from internal not via internet and public repositories (that could be asking for trouble). Other than briefly using it for some isolated servers I didn’t go any further. I use it for all my personal Windows installs though.

There are paid for versions of chocolately available and you should be able to preview the business version - it adds a lot of features you would likely find useful sooner or later.