Windows Server 2019 ISCSI Initiator Issues

Good morning all.

I am hoping for a bit of guidance or perhaps a fresh set of eyes for an ongoing issue I have been experiencing with one of my servers.
The server in question is a SuperMicro SuperServer 6029P-E1C12T 2U Platform with X11DPH-T Server Board with Dual Intel Xeon 4208 + 32GB of 2666MHz EEC REG RAM.
It is running fully updated Windows Server 2019 Standard.
This is one of our backup servers running Veeam and nothing else.
We have it via ISCSI initiator connected to a ISCSI switch which is in turn connected to a Netgear ReadyNAS.
ISCSI initiator connects to 3 VLANS which are the source and destination for the backups.

Now onto the issue:

Regularly we will have a total loss of the ISCSI connection at random times, all VLANs will drop off completely causing our backups to fail.
In the Event Log we are presented with many event IDs - 9 + 10 + 27 + 43 + 49 + 63.
After some time the ISCSI will reconnect and the VLANs will become available and backups will try pick up again.
This can happen multiple times a day or not at all.
I have looked at the ISCSI switch and the ReadyNAS logs and the only sign of the issue I see is a disconnection notification on the port the server is connected to.
We have two other older servers connected via ISCSI initiator to the ReadyNAS and do not have issues with them.
Originally my predecessor had it setup with NIC Teaming on a single 10GB cable.
I have since attempted adding a secondary connection via the NIC Teaming functions and completely removed NIC Teaming from the server and manually setup the VLAN’d networks.
None of the above made any difference.
Another issue we face is occasionally in the morning when we try RDP’ing to the server especially after a night of it having issues, the RDP connection will connect but will only present a black screen and after a while disconnect. I am not sure if this is related.

We raised a case with Veeam but they were unable to assist as it appears to be a Windows issues not a Veeam issue.

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