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Windows Server 2019 HyperV - RDS Licensing

Hello Guys,

I have a bare metal windows terminal server for 5 users, fully licensed with RDS-Cals (per user), Cals and a Windows Server 2019 standard license. It’s not the most advanced deployment, but I needed a quick solution for a specialized application.

Now I want to run a second “instance” of this application, which is not possible on the same OS. My first idea was: Run a second windows server 2019 on the same hardware, using hyperV, connect it to the active directory and the remote desktop license server. My users can than easily switch between both instances.

Does a User-Cal and a RDS-Cal allows a single user to log in to multiple virtual instances? Is it correct, that a single Windows Server 2019 Standard License would cover such a configuration?

Thank you very much.

Standard Edition is licensed in a way that allows for 2 Operating System Environments (OSE’s in MS speak). This should mean you are fine to run a single VM guest on your main server.

User CAL’s will allow your users to log into either instance:

Microsoft licensing is a total minefield and I’m no expert and often out-of-date on the changes that creep in over time. It always pays to read what Microsoft publishes and to even pay an expert to explain it for any large or complex environments.