Windows problem D:

Hi guys, so for some reason, my taskbar dissapears when a program is in full screen. When I say full screen, I mean that the program (i.e. Google Chrome) is maximized not by having pressed F11. The taskbar is locked and when I minimize the program I can see my taskbar again. Anyone know how to fix this? It does this for every program I've tried.

does it come back up if you mouse over the bottom of the screen?

if yes: bring it up, right click propertys, uncheck auto-hide taskbar

any luck?

Auto-hide is unchecked.

did you try to disable aero in windows 7? right  on deskop personlise choose for windows classic theme..  then aero should be disabled..

then you have a classic taskbar..

Yes that's disabled but it wouldn't have anything to do with the problem.