Windows or Android

Ok so I am looking to get a tablet here in a little over a week. I am staying in the 200-250$ price range. Microcenter near me has 32gb Dell Venue 8 Pro's for $230 or should I go for an Android tablet? 

My computer is also my TV/Media outlet for my room/living room. So I'll be controlling my windows 8.1 PC with this thing as well as surfing web, e-reading, possible work document editing (.doc/.xls formats), maybe a few other little things but basically my PC remote while not in my office chair.

Comments? Advise? Blood? Guts? Sex? Violence?

If that is all you want it for go android. Much larger user base for problem solving, apps and customising. And it can easily control windows. Get a hold of Unified Remote, the free one is plenty: works great, wont display the windows screen on the tablet but will let you control the mouse and keyboard from the tablet.

Get an android, much better remote desktop support

Is Asus Remote Go an option? It came with the AI package of my mobo (MA99FX Pro R2.0)

Thoughts on the Asus MeMo Pad FHD 10?

Asus t100. Full windows 8.1, 11 hour battery, 10 inches. It is also under $400