Windows old, what to do?

I have just instald windows 7 on my ssd, windows didn't ask to format the drive and now it made 2 directories with windows old. They contain my previeus XP intallation, I think and are taking up about 50 Gb of my 120Gb drive. Now can I delette these files or wil I get into trouble ?.  I have been thinking of reinstaling my ssd in the old pc and format it for a fresh instal, would be the 3rd time and i don't want to. If its the only way OK but pleas noooooo not again.



I would personally format and reinstall.

If it is a separate partition deleting it and expanding the volume should be fine.

If it is a folder that says windows old that can be deleted too.

Thank for your reply. It's a folder, just removed it and stil no crash so wil wait and see. And if it crashes I wil again instal windows after a format.